Around 140 million people live in High Altitude (HA) conditions and even a larger number visit it for tourism, adventure-seeking or sports training. Rapid ascent to HA can cause severe damage to body organs and may lead to many fatal disorders. During induction to HA, the human body undergoes various physiological, biochemical, hematological and molecular changes to adapt to the extreme environmental conditions. Many literature references hint that gene-expression-regulation controls the various adaptive responses during HA-stress. These biomolecules are known to interact in a complex combinatorial manner to fine-tune the gene expression and help in controlling the molecular responses during this stress and ultimately help in acclimatization. HighAltitudeOmicsDB is the first-of-its-kind database which is a reliable platform to explore, compare, analyse and retrieve genes/proteins associated with HA stress; their expression; interaction network and semantic similarities. It will be useful in revealing novel and robust biomarker candidates that further help in the development of new diagnostic, prognostics, and therapeutic strategies for high altitude disorders.